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Gildform streamlines jewelry manufacturing by providing a one-stop-shop solution.

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We help jewelry manufacturers grow their business with high-quality orders, a cutting-edge Manufacturing Execution System, and a standardized operating procedure for consistency and quality in every piece.

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Steady stream of high-quality manufacturing orders from top brands

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High-quality orders from top brands and Creators

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Streamlined process with our state-of-the-art Manufacturing Execution System (Gildform ERP).

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Get a Standardized operating procedure to ensure consistency, quality and cost-savings in every piece produced

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Increase productivity, throughput & revenue by working with a reputable, innovative partner in the industry

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How Gildform Is Empowering Creators to Break into the Jewelry Industry

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Quotation Mark

Gildform has definitely streamlined my design and production process. In the jewelry industry, especially for a small business, it’s difficult to get design and production done in a reasonable timeframe and Gildform has completely solved that pain point. I am able to finalize a design within weeks and have it produced within weeks as well so that has saved me time and allowed me to focus on the vision of my brand more. Thank you Gildform!

-Megha T.

Why Creators Choose Gildform

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Gildform allows me to be more creative by giving me the freedom to design my dream pieces. The fast turnaround for the prototypes also allows us to make decisions faster and source our product with longer lead times. It has added a tremendous efficiency to our process.

Thank you, Gildform!

-Amy P.

Quotation Mark

Gildform allows me to dream without restriction. As long as I can capture enough of the idea your team can take it to the finish line!

We absolutely love Karissma and her team. We have yet to encounter any problem that we, as a team, can’t overcome. I love companies that take customer service seriously. I am so grateful that we are building a true working relationship. We’re family now on our Gildform side. LOL!

-Alycia J.

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Join the Gildform Manufacturing Network today and take your jewelry manufacturing business to the next level! Gain access to high-quality orders, a cutting-edge Manufacturing Execution System, and a standardized operating procedure that ensures consistency and quality in every piece.